ALBUM: Sada Baby – Whoop Tape



Sada Baby Whoop Tape: Sada Baby Strikes Hard On “Whoop Tape” With Waka Flocka, Fredo Bang, & More

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1. Whoop Me Down
2. Bloxk Day
3. Whoop N Wham
4. Helluva
5. Tien N Yamcha
6. Skanilla Ice
7. Kold Lil Choppa (feat. Skuba Ruffin)
8. Bolumbus Day
9. Waka Sada (feat. Waka Flocka)
10. Paper Skuba (feat. Paper Lovee)
11. Skuba Bang (feat. Fredo Bang)
12. 007
13. Balifornia
14. Skub N Skilla Show (feat. Skilla Baby)
15. Lil Blood Nem (feat. Skilla Baby, 40 Glock & Drego)
16. Pony Down
17. Shang Tsung (feat. Skuba Ruffin)
18. Mega Tron (feat. Toure)
19. Katch If You Kan (feat. Big Squad Peno)
20. Offensive Threat
21. Bersatile (Bonus Track)



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