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Sbahle Mpisane – “I never faked my amnesia”

Fitness Bunnie  has taken to social media to clear the air on faking amnesia after her ghastly car accident.

The star almost lost her life late last year to a fatal accident but it claimed another life. Though after 3 weeks of been in a coma she woke up loosing some of her memory, which includes the accident and her romantic relationship with Itu Khune.

In a lengthy form, she narrated her struggles. Read it here:

“With sadness I have watched, especially today, how I am vilified, brandished a “murderer” of an unknown passenger in my car and faking my amnesia. At first your words stung, but I felt no pain as my truth is known by God, the legal system and those that were the first responders to an accident scene I STILL have NO recollection of. What the naysayers & doom spreaders don’t realize is my daily struggle of regaining control of my life. Waking up from a three week coma asking my mom Shauwn, if she had informed Michelle (my high school receptionist) that I wasn’t going to come to school. I woke up from my coma thinking I had fell down the school stairs. The embarrassment of, to this day, not knowing some of the people I hung out with.”

“My mom put me on a video call recently with Nomzamo Mbatha and I was SO excited that I personally knew “Nomzamo the actress”, not knowing she was a close family friend who months before my accident had put me up in her house in Cape Town. That’s my life. Continually piecing it day by day, triggers being a voice, a face or scents. I never faked my amnesia or not having recollection of my past relationships. Once I gained access to my phone and social media in December, I got exposed to the true nature of it all. I had to choose ME and walk away from anything and anyone that was of NO GOOD to my road to recovery.”

“I thank God for the support of my family & friends(both reintroduced themselves to me), and the South African public, the amazing doctors at my disposal. Since January I have been going to brain treatment, daily, where I go on a brain stimulation machine for an hour, to stimulate my brain and that has helped me with my alertness & movements. My mom has been my champion, motivating me to stay committed & sometimes sitting with me through that daily hour. I succumbed myself to the process and it has been of great value to me. So celebrating little milestones like Beyonce lyrics, is nothing compared to the darkness I was in. I will continue to celebrate & share on MY social media platforms because to me it’s an achievement, if to you it’s a source to attack on what you don’t know, God Bless you.” 

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