Westside Gunn ft Armani Caesar – Lil Cease

Westside Gunn ft Armani Caesar - Lil Cease

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Westside Gunn Lil Cease: Listen to this new released as Westside Gunn & Channel “Lil Cease”

The instrumental is comprised of a creeping and anxious piano that would sound at home in a horror flick. The percussions have a boom-bap flavor to them that allows Westside to employ a slow flow

Download & Listen below:

Quotable Lyrics
Ayo, it’s the A-R-M-A-N-I Caesar, Leo (Woo)
The flow is frío, so dope, could sell it by the kilo (Yeah)
Tell ’em I want the smoke like I’m runnin’ hot (Hah)
Couldn’t wait to see how I was comin’ like a money shot (Come on)



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