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Nasty C – Palm Trees Lyrics

Nasty C - Palm Trees Lyrics

(B-B-Bankroll Got It)

I got jewels on me
Expensive ass shoes on me
I might have a deuce on me
Choose homie, lil’ mami gon’ make the move on me
Don’t get no glue on me
I done gassed this hoe up, now she gettin’ rude on me
It’s over, I’m cool, on me
Death by a motherfuckin’ diamond bih my chain lookin’ like a noose on me

Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up
LA, palm trees
All I see is C cups, D cups
E cups, link ups
Dirty money still gettin’ cleaned up (Yeah)
You could be allergic to a million other things
All I really wanna know is do you eat nuts? (Yeah)
My chain make ’em freeze up like police gun
LA, palm trees

Sike sike sike sike sike sike sike
Sike the fuck up
We gon’ fuck, the fuck up
I just buss down, you a buster, yes sir
I’m a bonafide hustler
Bend a bitch over like hut-hut
In the strip club ’cause I love butts
Whole lotta ones gettin’ chunked up

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