Euphonik and Chymamusique on the cause of celebs depression

April 24, 2019

 Euphonik and Chymamusique on the cause of celebs depression

Depression has come to be a norm in every SA celeb’s story and it’s claimed the lives of some while others survived it.

and shared some valid reasons behind celebs depression and it’s also framed like an advice.

“The reason artists fall prey to depression & suicide is because they get used to bring stars & they think they’ll stay on top forever . Nope, tables turn .. learn to accept & be open to other things in life! Your whole life can’t revolve around One thing forever.” Chymamusique tweeted.

“We also don’t learn from previous generations because we think we know better and are doing better.” Euphonik added.

Musician Lungi Naidoo also shared her experience, adding that Chyma’s statement isn’t entirely true.
“The reason I said it’s not true is cos I went through this and it was not because I had fame or that music is al I do. But it was all the other things that the music industry presents to woman that caused my depression. Chyma’s statement is partially true but not entirely.”

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