Lady Zamar’s words of wisdom against cyberbullying

’s words of wisdom against cyberbullying

Lady Zamar’s words of wisdom against cyberbullying: Lady Zamar spills words of wisdom on Twitter against cyberbullies and hatred spread on social media.

The singer has been going through series of cyberbulling from trolls over her acne and the most recent was assumed to be from gqom queen, Babes Wodumo.

A video of a woman mocking Zamar’s acne face went viral on Twitter and it was said to be Babes voice but she denied claiming her account was hacked.

However, reacting to every shades and hatred dished at Zamar, she said:

“When you’re sure about what you want and who you are, there will be a lot of hatred.. Mostly born of jealousy/envy and some just pure evil. BUT KEEP ON BEING YOU, kEEP BEING UNIQUE AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.”




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