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Miss Monyuku and DJ Obza talks About Career & Challenges


Miss Monyuku and DJ Obza talks About Career & Challenges

and talks About Career & Challenges

DJ Obza is responsible for some storming Amapiano tunes including ‘Misodzi Yengirozi’, and ‘Mogogelo’. Today we had an exclusive interview with him which was which was done by Miss Monyuku.

Read below.

Interviewer: Miss Monyuku

Miss Monyuku: So how did you pursue your career I mean mo Mogogelo gaona di opportunities

Dj Obza: I am not gonna say i made it , I’m still going there and i know its so hard to put your name out there especially when u come from a place like kasi where people get
jealous or undermining you when you do good for your self. My answer for you is “Prayer” I told my self that as long as Someone can Become Big (musically) lenna nkase pallwe, hell naw !.. then i
fought ,fought and fought ebile I’m still fighting till i get what i want.

Miss Monyuku:
Someone out there wanna be like you but he/she doesn’t know where to start Othomile jang and the obstacles??

Dj Obza :
I had nothing when i start doing music, I was using my friend/s computer, I Had go sokodisa bana babatho ka dilo tsa bona while bona banyaka go bogela “movie” i remember someone telling me gore i’m just wasting my time no one will ever appreciate nor dance for my
songs becouse i am from a small or rural place then i gave Up maybe for 3 months while praying gorr modimo amphe matla then My cousin gave me a laptop thou neese perfect ele leratha nyana thats where it all started senke ka lebella
morao Today m on Tvs and radios Working with big Artists my point is if u really
want something otlose fitlhela nd u will know gore tshwanetse o thome kae

Miss Monyuku :
What advice can you give young upcoming Djs/Producers or Vocalists who really want to be like you one day?

Dj Obza :
Work hard,Be patient and Avoid short cuts, Osa Nyatsa motho Because wena o ko “Top”! Most importantly Your fans are your friends and make them one of your priorities


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