Rod Wave’s Dream Collaboration Might Surprise You

Rod Wave's Dream Collaboration Might Surprise You

When asked about his inspiration, makes sure to shout out his dad, who helped shape his outlook on morality. “He made doing the right thing look cool,” reflects Rod. “Especially with him being where he from, a street n***a already, all the shit you’re trying to do he did that already. He has more answers and guidance than an average dad, cause he been to hell and back. I’m always thankful for people like that.”

Rod Wave also reflects on meeting Kevin Gates for the first time, and going on to build a friendship. “[Gates] was on tour with a Florida artist,” explains Rod. “She posted me on his page and he seen it, and he DM’d me saying ‘I fuck with you.’ We’ve been rocking since then. It still feels unreal. I been listening to that n***a since seventh grade. I definitely got some motivation from bro. That music we make, it’s not like it came overnight.” He also reveals that if he could meet any artist, it would be 21 Savage.



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