What You Need to Know About J molley And The Big Hash’s Beef

What You Need to Know About And The ’s Beef

What You Need to Know About J molley And The Big Hash’s Beef: It’s no news that rappers J Molley and The Big Hash don’t flow with each other. As they have both been in feud for a while now.

The Big Hash pinned it out on social media to share a long note on what started the beef. The rapper stated that he tried collaborating with J Molley on a track which he had also called Moozlie into which she was good with, but J Molley’s part didn’t work out as the J Molley didn’t seem to show up for the collaboration.

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The Big Hash still continued the story, saying that even after the disappointment he got from J Molley, he tried reaching out to him again but it was still to no avail, but he still got love for the rapper nonetheless.

The Big Hash already dropped a diss track to J Molley which he titled “Freestyle (J Molley Diss)“, While J Molley also countered him with “Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss)”

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