Xenophobia: AKA speaks of his regret

shares his regret with fans over social media users reactions to the ongoing twar between SA and Nigeria over attack, adding that he isn’t apologizing over his tweets which caused uproars between Nigerian celebs and himself.

Critics had the rapper’s name on their lips after an old soccer tweet(Nig vs SA) resurfaced on Twitter.

The old tweet got AKA dragged by top Nigerian stars but AKA took his stand on not apologizing .

In a statement from his management on Wednesday, AKA claimed he had been “taken out of context” and his words had been misrepresented.

Speaking of his regret, Super Mega said: “With that said, I have f**k all to apologize for. What I do regret, is that all sorts of people got involved and we ended up focusing on st*pid celebrities instead of the real issues.”



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