Zodwa reacts to hate on Durban July nude dress

Zodwa reacts to hate on Durban July nude dress

reacts to hate on Durban July nude dress

Zodwa Finally reacts to hate on Durban July nude dress.

Zodwa Wabantu got famous being a “pantless” dancer and also her carefree acts in rocking “almost” nude dresses.

The dancer once again caught everyone’s attention over the weekend at the Durban July 2019 event which saw her dressed in a revealing net designed dress which attracted critics.

Interestingly, it seem like the hate got into Zodwa’s head this time around and she’s responded to the trolls on Instagram.

The sensational dancer shared photos of American singer, Rihanna and American tennis player, Serena Williams in revealing dresses captioned with thoughtful words.

Zodwa’s captions could be summarized as: Africans praise American stars in skin revealing outfit but call her demon in similar outfit.

At some point she referred to herself as a demon and refers to Satan as her father.

Well this might not be as deep as it’s seen, but check out the captions here:

Serena’s photo – “We respect her👸 Not this Zodwa Wabantu”

Rihanna’s photo – “She is Beautiful Not this Demon😈Zodwa Wabantu 😂😂”

Her(Zodwa) photo – “Glittering Demon👿 Zodwa Wabantu. At least I look at my Father Satan in the Eyes”



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